Do you have something to say? Apply to the SeleniumConf Chicago CFP

We’re expecting over 500 QA, test automation and agile professionals to join us in Chicago this year who will be hungry for insightful, practical talks, each lasting around 40 minutes. If you’re passionate about Selenium (or related subjects) and want to share your expertise with the community then we would love to hear from you.

As well as Selenium project lead, Simon Stewart and Selenium contributor Jim Evans, you could be on the same stage as Twitter’s Angie Jones and Cucumber founder Aslak Hellesøy.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we particularly want to hear from those typically underrepresented at tech conferences. We're here to offer support at all stages of the submission process - whether you need help with logistics, accessibility or public speaking.

We’re here to help

This year we want to try something new, inspired by Maaret Pyhäjärvi’s approach with the European Testing Conference. Sometimes, abstracts - even when well written - may not always convey the message you hope to send. We’d like to give you chance to pitch your idea directly to 1-2 members of the programming committee in a 15-minute call, which you can book here.

This will give you the opportunity to talk through your ideas and tell us why you find it exciting. You can ask questions and get feedback directly from the programming committee about how to tailor your proposal best for our audience. NOTE: No decisions will be made on the call.

Spaces are limited so if you are a more experienced speaker, please consider whether you really need the slot or whether a newer speaker or member of an underrepresented group would benefit more.

First-time speaker?

We’ve partnered with Speak Easy - a voluntary program designed to increase diversity and promote new voices at tech conferences through dedicated conference spots, mentoring and events. If you’ve got some great ideas and experience in automation, and a desire to speak for the first time at a conference, they’ll match you up with an experienced speaker who can mentor you through the whole process: from developing your idea into a great proposal and developing a compelling presentation, to delivering your presentation with confidence to an engaged audience.

We've dedicated one session for a new voice who comes through the Speak Easy program. Anyone registered on the Speak Easy site is eligible, so sign up now and let us know you want a Speak Easy mentor’s help to prepare a SeleniumConf proposal. Learn more and apply at

We know that the whole CFP process can seem a bit like a dark art, so we're preparing a separate blog post dedicated to 'how to nail your submission'.

What’s on offer?

All confirmed speakers get:

  • A free ticket to the conference (if you’ve already bought your ticket, we’ll refund it)
  • Three nights' accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Economy travel expenses
  • Dedicated support from our team at all stages of your participation in the conference
  • Professional photos of you up on stage

Need help deciding what to talk about?

We’re really open to anything that would be of interest to the Selenium community, but if you’re looking for inspiration these suggestions from our co-organizer Ashley Hunsberger might help:

We love experience reports, coupled with good ol’ story telling, on your experiences in automation. This might be issues you’ve had and how you solved them, encounters of the third kind (or a unique challenge you’ve come across), or - controversially - when the right decision is NOT to use Selenium.

We also recognize that our delegates are from all walks of life - including beginners learning to automate, technical wizards, and leadership trying to figure out what’s next. What would have been useful to you when you first started? What amazing things are you seeing in automation today and where do you see it going? How have you led teams to be successful in their automation?

And finally, talks on the beauty and pain of Selenium. Things like: how are we contributing? What are challenges we are overcoming? What challenges have we found in open source? What do we love about it? What skills are critical to contributing to automation or open source that don’t necessarily equate to ‘technical’ skills, but are still crucial to a project’s success?

If you think it’s interesting, we probably will too.

Best of luck with your application to our call for proposals. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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